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Olancha ‘Cabin Bar’ 40 acres [SOLD]

[SOLD 2/14/17]


40 acres bordering BLM and Crystal Geyser’s Cabin Bar Ranch  (click image to enlarge red property outline)

Crystal Geyser’s Cabin Bar Ranch is immediately north + east and the bottling facility is southeast.

This truly one-of-a-kind property is 40 acres bordering with Crystal Geyser’s Cabin Bar Ranch and BLM open space (Inyo County APN 033-020-02) and includes a large well, historic buildings, and a house with garage and shop. Click for Google Maps link.

Olancha Well

35 completely undeveloped acres west of highway with unobstructed view of 12000+ ft. Olancha Peak


~5 acres east of highway with historic Sportsman’s Lodge and Cabin Bar Cafe

Inyo County APN 033-02-00

Features a 1250 sq.ft. cinder block house-garage-shop and 12″ well with high quality water just 18′ down!

The property has rather unlimited potential.

The east section with the structures is zoned Commercial (C-2). The historic Sportsman’s Lodge is a solid structure and will be straightforwardly restored. The Cabin Bar Cafe is being evaluated for its restoration potential.


Interior of Sportsman’s Lodge

There is a 12″ diameter well drilled to 88′ with a static level only 18′ down. This property borders with Crystal Geyser’s Olancha Alpine Spring Water facility, so there may be potential for a water-related business here. Years ago, a micro-brewery was planned and approved in Olancha due to the water quality, and the Indian Wells Brewing Company was built 50 miles south and is quite popular. See this page on the value of sunshine and water:

Olancha Well

Outdoor patio and cooking area behind Sportsman’s Lodge.

The water quality was lab tested in June 2015, and is demonstrated to be of very high quality. The well has since been sanitized and tested free of bacteria.

Olancha Well

Photovoltaic panels on roof of well house

Permanent power is being restored, with an array of solar panels currently driving the well pump, which is being used for drip irrigation.

Olancha Well

Dripper stationed over 5-gallon bucket

The ~1250 sq.ft. cinder block house-shop-garage is in excellent condition and is being refurbished first. Since there is no smog testing requirement for vehicles registered in Inyo County, this house with 2-bay garage and separate 13×24′ shop is ideal for someone with vintage cars to store or restore.

Olancha Well

Well preserved American Standard sink unit in kitchen area of cinder block house

Olancha Well

Permit issued for restoration of power July 2015

The west acreage is zoned R-5, meaning a minimum of 5-acres is required for a residential site. It has never been developed, borders with property which is unlikely ever to be developed (Federal land and Crystal Geyser), and has unobstructed views of 12,132′ Olancha Peak, which is the highest point in the USA to this latitude north.

Olancha Well

Cartago, immediately north, was once a port town on Owens Lake…lots of history here.

There is an active billboard on the southwest portion of the property across from the Crystal Geyser facility, which produces monthly income.

Inyo County APN 033-002-00

Inyo County Parcel 033-020-02 – bordering with and just north of Crystal Geyser’s bottling facility

There are two disclosures associated with the property. One is that the eastern portion falls within an ‘Alquist Priolo seismic zone’ so new development requires a geological investigation before it would be approved. Inyo County indicates that no study would be required for restoration work on the existing structures.

Olancha Well

Olancha Peak reminiscent of artwork on Crystal Geyser labels!

Also, Caltrans may widen Highway 395 in the Olancha-Cartago area. One proposal is to create a four-lane bypass of the existing highway, which would impact the residential zoned western 1/3 of the property but could enhance its commercial opportunities. If a decision is made to simply add two lanes to the existing alignment, then a small slice of the western section’s highway border will be expanded. It is also possible no changes will be made to the highway.

Inyo County APN 033-002-00

Draft Highway 395 Widening plan (blue represents lanes while orange represents right-of-way)

Inyo County APN 033-002-00

Draft Highway 395 Bypass plan (black represents lanes while orange represents right-of-way)

Inyo County APN 033-002-00

Panoramic view of Sierra Nevada, Coso, and Inyo Ranges

>[SOLD 2/14/17]

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