Homes and Land Available in California's Eastern Sierra Region

— Why Own and/or Live Here?

As stated elsewhere, it can be very inexpensive to own here. Explore further and you will see it is possible to acquire a 1/2 acre building site starting at $10,000. What’s the catch? Well, if you want to do more than have a picnic on your parcel, you will need to make improvements. While the properties are basically flat and easily accessed off improved roads, you will need a well, a septic system, grid or solar power, permits, etc. You can buy land raw and do-it-yourself, or purchase with infrastructure in place.

As is repeated numerous times on this site, the inexpensive availability of abundant, high quality water plus sunshine cannot be overestimated!

If you see yourself as any of the following, owning in Sierra East might be for you:

  • Real Estate Investor in low cost-low risk property
  • Retiree, or planning to retire somewhere new
  • Outdoor Enthusiast / Nature Lover
  • Independently Employed – Small Business Proprietor (with Broadband Internet Access)
  • Hobbyist looking for space to spread out (or Auto Collector who needs ‘No Smog Check’ zone)
  • Artist wanting to set up an affordable studio in an inspirational environment
  • Alternative Living/Energy Enthusiast
  • Survivalist, or at least someone looking for an affordable  ‘back up’ plan

See these subsections for more background!

View South West from 410 North Mojave Street

Nighttime Sky at 410 North Mojave Street

Golf Green and Watertrap-Fishpond

With Water so Plentiful and Inexpensive to Pump, You Can Have Your Own Ponds (which also irrigate)


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