Homes and Land Available in California's Eastern Sierra Region

Bartlett ‘Airstrip’

MLS#: 2310470

This 29.65 acre parcel is located about 10 miles south of Lone Pine and has development potential for a residence, airstrip, trucker’s rest stop, solar farm, water plant, etc.

This parcel is split by a Highway 395 easement and also by an abandoned Southern Pacific Railroad Right-of-Way.

Looking Northeast toward an ex-railroad trestle, the old Pittsburgh Plate Glass Factory, and the Inyo Range.

The tracks from the old Southern Pacific Railroad are long gone from the larger section to the east, but the straight and flat track bed remains.

Over 1/2 mile of smooth and flat railroad bed stretches north-south and would seem to have potential as a light  airstrip.

The smaller section of the property to the west of the I-395 includes a paved section of the old highway.

A section of the property is west of I-395 and contains thousands of feet of the old highway to re-purpose

There is also good quality well at the old Pittsburgh Plate Glass factory just north, so it is quite likely this parcel has abundant potable water just underground. This property is unique and could be developed into a commercial operation of some sort, or used as an off-the-grid residential site all to itself.

View Northeast toward Inyo Range from old highway section of property west of new Highway 395.

View of Sierra Nevada immediately west western section of property (LA Aqueduct in foreground).

Located very near Cottonwood Canyon with excellent hiking and fishing, and also convenient to the town of Lone Pine.

Bartlett is available for $45,000; If you are interested, make an offer!

Complicated legal description [APN: 029-100-62

GPS tagged locations: 36.45664, -118.03486: SE I-395 Turnout 36.45983, -118.03543: NE I-395 Turnout 36.45982, -118.03638: NW I-395 Turnout 36.45664, -118.03583: SW I-395 Turnout Download Flier (Note: Inyo County records this parcel as 19.57 acres because the vacated Southern Pacific Railroad Right-of-Way has not been officially restored to the underlying fee holder.)

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